Animal Rescue

Ray of Light is an Animal Rescue facility. We are involved in the rescue and care of neglected, injured, discarded or abused large animals. We also facilitate adoption and placement of some of those animals into new permanent homes. The stories behind the rescues are diverse; but in every case, the former owner willingly transfers custody of the animals to Ray of Light, knowing that we can offer the animals the safe haven they deserve.


Sometimes the story is about an animal that is rejected or orphaned at birth. Without their mother's care, these babies are denied life as soon as it is given to them. But with diligent and loving care, we can offer these animals hope for a future. Such is the story for two of our favorite farm animals, Walter the sheep and Raymond the goat (both are shown to the left).

Other times the story is about animals who outlive the capacity of their owners to give them adequate care. This is the story for many of our animals, including two of our popular residents, Stanley and Stella, the sulcata tortoises (shown below).

There are also rescues of livestock with poor breeding potential but whose owners could not see them slaughtered for consumption. Mike and Joe, the oxen came from such a background.

And, of course, every year there are horses in need of rescue from Premarin lots.

The list goes on: It could have been that the owners simply could not afford the expense or time to take proper care of their animals, that there was not enough space, or maybe the owners found themselves unqualified to meet the needs of their animals.

But for all of the animals we take in, there is value in their lives. They may make connections with farm staff or visitors, they allow an educational experience for all they meet, and often they serve as ambassadors for their species and breeds.

From song birds and guinea pigs, to turkeys and sheep, to donkeys and horses, we love them all. We enjoy having a diverse population of animals at the farm. They represent a plethora of families and species with varied background stories and unique personalities. We welcome visitors to come and visit with the animals. You may be surprised at what they can offer you!

Come visit with the animals every day except Wednesday from 10:00-3:00. They'd love to see you.

To make a tax-deductable donation to help support the care of these animals, donate now through PayPal by clicking the button below.

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